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We are an official Nepali NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) without profit, funded by individuals across the globe, contributing positively to the societies that make up rural Nepal. We take a holistic approach to uplift communities where they need help, we take action through specific projects that involve earthquake recovery, children welfare & schools, skill building opportunities for women, and environmental awareness. 


The catalyst for the creation of Save Rural Nepal was the devastating 7.8m earthquake to hit the Gorkha district of Nepal on April 25th, 2015. Behind this earthquake and our aid efforts this is an organization that starts and remains the story of two smart, caring, and positive Nepalese men - Himal Tamang and Rajan Khatri.  Even before they came together to offer aid relief, Himal and Rajan were community leaders helping wherever they could. In addition to owning his own trekking company, Himal had led their own successful education efforts in rural areas. 

After the earthquake, and after Himal helped rescue two of his American clients, Jennifer and Andrew Maiorana, they worked together to bring Himal and Rajan's relief ideas to life. This small and locally run NGO has assigned itself the responsibly of  helping communities of rural Nepal with smart and lasting efforts.

Founders & Leadership



Founder of Visit Himalayan Treks Pvt.Ltd, community leader, and guardian of nature.

Himal Tamang was born in a Small village in the Eastern part of Nepal (Khotang District) in the heart  of the Himalaya region; the community and solidarity of the village. He has started his career since  1995 as a porter on tourism sector. He has guided 13 years around Nepal and Tibet. He has several  years of experience of climbing in mountains up to 8000 meters. Himal's company has a simple mission to enchant travelers with unforgettable travel experience. We aim to provide a higher quality of trekking and travel services than has ever been gained by travelers in the  Himalayan countries Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. Visit Himalaya Treks Pvt.Ltd has been always  prioritized the sustainable Tourism through the conservation practices. It’s about respecting and  benefiting the local people and the environment. Moreover, it always brings you closer to local cultures and environments by involving local people themselves in tourism. At last but not the least, Visit Himalaya Treks Pvt.Ltd cherishes the “true spirit of the Himalaya” which is welcoming you to share the prettiness of our culture and unspoiled nature.



Rajan Khatri brings a high level of professionalism and expertise to Save Rural Nepal and as Office Manager to Visit Himalayan Treks Pvt.Ltd. Taking  a keen interest in the rich Nepali heritage, he is always willing to share with you his fascination for the exciting variety of Nepali culture and scenery.

Rajan Khatri was born in the little hamlet of Rakha Bangdel in Khotang  District, which lies in the southern part of East Nepal. In 2007, he moved to Nepali capital  Kathmandu where he obtained his government license as a trekking guide accompanied by first-aid training in 2009, followed by training in public health and environmental issues in 2010. He is an experienced and skillful trekking and tour guide over the many years in the job.

Rajan has both lived and studied in Nepal, his studies being focused mainly on commerce and IT. His mother tongue is Nepali but he is also fluent in English and Hindi. He has specialized in Nepali culture but takes an equally strong interest in foreign cultures as well. He also has led groups of all nationalities all throughout Nepal and has gained valuable experience which he has gladly shared with all members of our organization, thus contributing a great deal to increasing the level of service that we offer.

Jennifer & Andrew Maiorana

When Jennifer & Andrew decided to make Nepal a cornerstone to their six month sabbatical, they hired Himal and Rajan to organize their trek through Tsum Valley and around Manaslu over a 25 day trek. On day 13 of their adventure, they lived through the massive earthquake while in a small village. Himal went through extraordinary lengths to rescue them, all while tending to his family and friends during the crisis. 

Through this experience they learned of all the great social work that Himal and Rajan had already accomplished prior to the natural disaster and how during this crisis they were doing all they could possibly do. They even had more ideas on how they could help - which is where Jennifer & Andrew knew they could contribute.

In conjunction with Himal and Rajan, they helped establish Save Rural Nepal as an organization with undivided focus on rural communities in need. Save Rural Nepal is the best way to establish real and long term aid from this disaster in hard to reach places. It is Nepali people with knowhow and good ideas helping fellow Nepali.